Western Amateur Radio Friendship Association


Fall 2019

Dates will be posted in the summer

Rancho Jurupa Park
Cottonwood Campground
4800 Crestmore Road Riverside, CA

Official Park website link: www.rivcoparks.org


When passing through the park property entrance gate, Cottonwood is the closest camgground to the entrance as shown on the maps., At the time, two RV spaces have been reserved, 254 and 255.

New events are in the planning stages plus the traditional activities will be happening, the Friday fish fry and the Saturday BBQ and of course, WA6RFA.


A favorite destination of campers and anglers from all over the country as well as local residents, beautiful Rancho Jurupa Park is situated along the Santa Ana River and located behind Mt. Rubidoux just west of charming historic downtown Riverside. This popular award-winning regional park boasts a natural semi-rural setting of shady cottonwood trees, graceful meadows, and two lovely 3-acre lakes, while still providing easy access to the entertainment opportunities and urban conveniences of Riverside.

Important links:

Park Details
County supplied park map, rules and other general information (pdf download))

Directional Aid Maps
(Map 1) Inland Empire Wide Area with line directions (jpg download) (Wide Area with Motel 6 location)
(Map 2) Rancho Jurupa Regional Area with line directions (jpg download) (Medium Area)
(Map 3) Rancho Jurupa Park and Local Vicinity with line directions (jpg download) (Narrow Area)

It is recommended to read the maps in order (1 to 3) for proper orientation to the campsite. Be sure to press the left arrow on your browser tool bar before going to the next map after viewing a previous map in sequence or you will have to reload the webpage.