Western Amateur Radio Friendship Association



December 9, 2017

The Spring Retreat 2018 dates have been set. Circle May 11 &12 on your calendar. Details now and more coming on the Future Retreat page.

November 10, 2017

Processing is now taking place for the disttribution WARFA Net certifcates for those that have met the requirements by submitting their logs for checking in to the net at least 52 times within a year.

September 26,, 2017

We had a sucessful Fall reatreat for the second time at our new venue.in September. Details via the RETREATS link.



May 7, 2017

The WARFA Spring Retreat was a success at the new venue in Riverside including enhanced antenna improvements for WA6RFA operations. Details in a video on the Past Retreat page are now on line. Also plans are underway for the Fall 2017 event to take place on September 29th and 30th.


January 15, 2017

The WARFA Spring Retreat has a new venue for the New Year

June 6, 2016

OMIK President's Letter to President Obama
Open here (Microsoft Word Format)

May 22, 2016

A Net Appreciation & Support BBQ Party took place on Saturday, May 21st
in the Inland Empire, Southern California 

A video of the highlights is available by clicking the portrait above or clicking the RETREATS pull down menu above and follow by clicking the PAST tab.